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Our HUGE thanks for the wonderful care our lovely cat Jess received, over the years, from everyone at Sandhole.
Ian, thank you so very much for all your skills & dedication, to help Jess through her thyroid & other problems. We visited so often, your kindness, care & love were brilliant to both Jess & ourselves.
To all the veterinary nurses, thank you for all your care, kindness, looking after & 'stroking' of Jess.
To Verity and to all the receptionists, thank you for always greeting us with a smile, always caring, always helpful & for all the attention & 'stroking' of Jess.
Sandhole Veterinary Centre is definitely THE BEST VETS, we would not have taken our beautiful cat Jess anywhere else. Jess will always be in our hearts, she was so special & we miss her so much.
Many, many, many thanks. Our kindest regards to you all.

Jill & John Pallett



I wanted to write to you as i feel that in this day and age people only seem to write when they want to complain. Not very ofter do people write to complement people anymore. I am always passing your details to friends and family as the best vets i have ever used.

I have had many pets registered with you over the years and you have dealt with all of them in such a way that i trust you explicitly. We have spent a lot of time in the vets with one pet or another, you may recall Tyson our black cat that was the subject of your "pet of the month" after being hit by a car and badly hurt, and our Dog Bengee. He has ongoing health problems with his eyes and his throat. When we come and see Kate it is lovely to see someone that cares for our pets as much as we do.

I recently bought an African Grey parrot (Mylow) from a breeder who hand rears them. I asked lots of questions and gained what i thought to be a good knowledge base on my new pet. Time went on and i wanted some advise so chose to turn to Sandhole vets. I was advised that one of your nurses did a free of charge hour discussing the details, pros and cons of owning a parrot. I have to say that I learned so much in that hour. My bird is so much happier now! I have changed his diet, the way he is handled, we change his cage around very two to three weeks and he is like a different bird. I never thought that owning a parrot would be so rewarding. I thought that he was affectionate and loveable when i first got him, but after doing the things Jo suggested he is far more affectionate than i imagined.

Your hard work should not go unnoticed, as the job your vets have done for me over the years has been faultless. The icing on the cake has been Jo Brown. She has been so professional, kind, understanding, caring and happy to help. She has turned my parrot around and i cannot find the words to say thank you enough.

Please pass this to Jo as a thank you. I am also thanking the rest of the staff at Sandhole who I would also like to thank.

With warmest regards.

Ian Randall 


Our household has always had many pets and in particular dogs; being a favorite of mine. Having taken my dog Bonnie for her regular check ups over 5 years I can only say just how friendly, helpful and full of energy everybody is. I can't help but feel there is a tremendous motivation and focus from the staff at the centre and I can only put this down to a " want" to be part of something quite extraordinary .
I have got to know Rai and Liz Janz very well over the last 5 years and I know them to be very respectful and honest people. My pet has had numerous problems over the years from certain inbreeding elements and whenever I have felt there has been a problem - Sandhole has without any hesitation invited Bonnie in for immediate analysis and treatment. 
Bonnie always feels at ease around the staff and the treatment she receives is second to none. Her diagnosis has been spot on and I have never had reason for complaint. The surgery itself is spotlessly clean and the reception area, not only impeccable, but greeted with friendly and well presented staff who enjoy what the are a part of.
Altogether I am delighted we have Sandhole as our vets and it's a great feeling to know our pet is cared for the way she is

Ken Hazeltine.


My pets (totalling 8 degus and 2 dogs) have been registered with Sandhole well in excess of 5 years. I have regularly and at times frequently attended the practice.
Throughout, Sandhole have consistently provided veterinary attention and care to a high standard, by both veterinarian and nursing staff. As an example, one veterinarian I understand possesses a qualification for treating exotic animals that is only shared by two others in the UK.

Practice administration is reassuringly efficient and reliable. Sandhole possesses excellent lines of communication throughout their team. Those at the front desk are quickly aware of key situations and developments and as such interact appropriately and considerately with that knowledge.Sandhole possesses a warm, unintimidating and friendly approach towards pets and their owners. This is reflected in the waiting room, where there is a relatively relaxed rather than clinical atmosphere.
At times, when difficult decisions have had to be made, reliable, supportive advice and service was thoughtfully given.
Although a busy practice, the impression received is that the individual pet and owner are important.

One is not left feeling inappropriately pressured and every effort is made to address concerns even when significant time is required to do so. Queries have not been treated brusquely, dismissively or in a patronising manner, whether during an appointment or by telephone.
I believe Sandhole Veterinary Centre provides a benchmark service.

Paul Robinson


I would like to thank everyone at Sandhole who, over the years, have always been so kind and thoughtful to me and my animals.
 More recently, i am profoundly thankful to those of you who have shown such great compassion and sensitivity
regarding Dance, who has left us for Rainbow Bridge.

Ian your kindness and thoughfulness, and your love for the animals you care for is amazing, and I am forever grateful for how you treated Dance with that love and gentleness we have come to know from you.

The receptionists, my admiration and thanks go to you for always being there, and exuding care and flexibility and fitting us in when it must have been difficult.

To the nurses, my thanks go to you all for the attention and care you have given Dance. You are all a brilliant team, and I am really thankful you are there. Dance, as you know was very special and will be sorely missed, but you made his passing a little easier to bear, and I'm sure he would agree this accolade to you all.


To Ian, Luke, & Jo and all the staff at Sandhole,

Without you all Delilah wouldnt be here today, thankyou so much for your
loving care and attention to a very grateful pussy cat.

Thankyou so much for the flowers, you may use a photo for your website if you wish, she is happy
and well and eating, sleeping, and chasing birds.

Many thanks again

Delilah Crouch & Mrs Barbara Crouch


How can we possibly begin to thank you for all that you did for Sweetie.
It truely was a Herculean task full of many difficult problems but your skill,
dedication and belief that Sweetie would pull through undoubtedly saved her life.
All of you have been simply wonderful. We are so impressed by your professionalism
and above all your kindness to us as well as Sweetie! We are indeed very proud she
has won the June Braveheart Award and I am sure that as she sits beside me, purring
happily, she too is also very proud of this honour.                          The Blake Family                                           

Thank you to everybody there who've been involved with Silas's care during his many illnesses over the past four years. To the support staff who are always cheerful yet understanding, to the nurses who were patient when Silas had to have tests and who looked after him over the last couple of days, to Ian Johnson when Silas was looked after by him and especially Mr Janz for looking after him ( and me) with compassion and care but with practicality over the last year and particularly this week. I am extremely grateful to the whole team and I know that Silas couldn't have been in better hands. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sandhole to anybody and obviously I'll be coming back with my other cats. Once again thank you very much everybody.                             Jenny Robinson



A BIG THANK YOU! To Ian and all the staff that looked after our Kizzy
for us. She was so poorly but made a complete recovery and is feeling
much better now. We can't thank you enough for taking care of her during
her stay in the hospital. Kizzy would like to say a big thank you also  
                                                                                  Christine, Jason and Kizzy



Thank you for all the care, attention and "treats" you have given Jake over the years
Sandhole Veterinary Centre is a welcoming place and Jake always looked forward to his visits
                                                                                                                                Clare and Richard Kidd


We just wanted to say thank you for your care and professionalism throughout Jack's life
in particular during Jack's illness. We always felt like he was in very safe hands.
He coped very well with a long period of treatment and I'm sure he coped so well because
of the way he was cared for whenever he came to the vets.
He wasn't really poorly until near the end and we are very grateful for the extra time you gave
us together. After he came in for a blood transfusion we knew we were on borrowed time and
spoilt him accordingly. One lovely sunny day we took him to the seaside for an icecream.
Thank you for giving is all the chance to say goodbye. We miss him very much. We are very
thankful that you made his last moments as calm as possible and it was nice to know that
everyone was familiar to him. Thank you very much for the way you dealt with the humans too.
Explaining everything as we went along and then coping with our distress at the end.
Thank you all very much again.                                                Rebecca and  family


Just a quick note to say thank you for your assistance last Friday. It was important to us that our dog Benji's last few moments were as calm as possible. We were treated with compassion from all members of staff at Sandhole and your kind approach made all the difference to what was our most difficult decision. The professionalism we have experienced from yourselves has made our grieving process more bearable.                                                  Andrew and Beverly Placsom


Boy and Corrie have been great companions to me over the years, and loved one another dearly. I think it followed naturally for Corrie to give up when Boy had gone, she has been at his side constantly since he lost his sight - nudging - guiding - washing.
It's very hard to lose them both so quickly but I have been very blessed to have them this long, my special thanks to Rai who has kept Boy going with such skill and care, and to all of you for caring over the years                                                                                                                                                                   Audrey   


I would like to leave a testimonial with you to encourage everyone with a pet to come you as we think that you are all fantastic people and without you our Suzy would have died.
So - where do I begin, firstly we would like to say a big THANK YOU to everybody at the Sandhole Centre. When we brought Suzy to you at the end of April we weren't sure if we would be able to take her back home. She was so ill that no one at this time would have said whether she lives or dies.
Suzy stayed for the day to have various tests carried out. Mr Janz & the team were very kind and helped us through this long day keeping us informed about the findings and what needs to be done. During the whole time of her treatment you have been explaining everything to us and supported us all
the way. In these weeks the Sandhole Centre become an extended family to us, which we have visited weekly and everybody was following Suzy's recovery. We are very proud that Suzy's was selected for the May Braveheart Award, something that she was only able to achieve because of the all people working at
this Veterinary Centre. Many thanks from all of us.  
      Ela, John & Alex Rody


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