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01 June 2007

Winner June 2007 and Braveheart of the Year 2007

Swing’s story

Swingforward came into the surgery in a flurry!!!1
When this gentle greyhound came through the door it was immediately apparent that he had suffered some horrific injuries and the reception team immediately alerted Vet Ian.

Half an hour previously, Swing had been attacked by a dog while out on a walk, and the dog had done some very serious damage indeed. Swing was bleeding profusely from multiple bite wounds to his hindquarters and he had a horrible open fracture of his tail. He had suffered extensive muscle damage and it was clear that he was going to need immediate surgery to stop the bleeding and repair the wounds that the attack had caused.

Vet Ian and the nursing team jumped into action! They placed Swing on a drip and administered him with painkillers and very strong antibiotics. While he was being x-rayed the nurses prepared the operating theatre and after the x-rays had confirmed the extent of the fracture of his tail he was taken through for surgery.

It was difficult to see where Swing didn’t have a wound, and it took nearly 4 hours of surgery to fix him! He lost his tail unfortunately ( although he still has just enough to wag!) and being a Greyhound he took a long time to recover from his anaesthetic.

The big problem now was going to be his aftercare and recovery, stitching him back together was only the start!
Bite wounds are notorious for getting infected and Swing was incredibly sore, he found it very difficult to stand and almost impossible to walk, so he stayed in the hospital for intensive nursing for a whole week! During this week he had to have intravenous fluids, intravenous antibiotics and painkillers, very careful walking and exercise along with physiotherapy and massage to prevent his legs from swelling. His wounds needed cleaning and care from Ian and the nursing team more than twice a day!

Amazingly only one area of his leg took a while to heal, and now we are thrilled to report that Swing has made a full recovery. He even manages to look pleased to see us when he comes in for his check ups! Of course this couldn't have happened without the dedicated follow on care that his owners gave him at home, making sure he got all of his tablets and keeping a very close eye on his healing wounds.

All in all it has taken a month for Swing to get over this unfortunate dog attack and we are all pleased and punch with his recovery. His Braveheart award is a very well deserved one!

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